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Manage all your communications in one place.

Multi-channel in one window

Combine all communication channels with your customers in one interface.
Work with messages, mentions, comments on your posts.

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Use Cusbo with

  • Facebook
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
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Working with feedback

  • Track all comments on your posts and @mentions

  • Send responses from the service

  • Delete negative comments

  • Reply with pictures, gifs, emojis

  • Search by comment text

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Scheduled messages

  • Possibility to plan and carry out mailing in advance

  • Receiving feedback from the client following the results of the mailing

  • Choose different content for each category of your customers

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Analysis of clicks on links in a bot, operator engagement frequency, efficiency of each individual operator, the effectiveness of each of the channels on one screen.

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Using Cusbo in Business

We offer your team a complete set of tools to create the best design solutions.

Taking orders

Relevant for beauty salons, online stores, auto repair shops, taxi services, medical clinics, fitness centers, etc.

Feedback line

It is actively used in retail, service and delivery services, cafes, restaurants, transport and government. services.

Customer support

Effective for Internet providers, communication service providers, delivery, tourism, insurance.

Providing advice

Consultant assistance in choosing a product or service, providing legal and insurance support in the financial sector.

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